Key Skills Framework


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In a changing world, as well as learning knowledge, learners need to develop skills to create new knowledge and to deal with and navigate their way through this new world. There are five skills identified as central to teaching and learning across the curriculum at senior cycle.These skills are important for all learners to achieve their full potential, both during their time in school and into the future.


As learners develop competence in each of the five skills in an integrated way they also develop competence in learning how to learn.In order that learners benefit from their interaction with the key skills, it is important that they would encounter them frequently and in an integrated way right across the curriculum.

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Key Skills Framework Document

NCCA has developed a key skills framework in which each key skill is broken down into essential elements and learning outcomes. The elements further describe the skill that learners will develop. The learning outcomes indicate what learners should be able to to do as a result of developing this element of the key skill.