Transition Units

Transition units (TUs) are new curriculum components that are timetabled for approximately 45 hours. Alongside shorter modules and other learning experiences, schools may include a variety of TUs as part of their transition year programme. Transition units are not intended to be 'exam' courses but are assessed as part of the teaching and learning in the unit.

What are transition units?

  • They are designed as 45 hour courses
  • They are developed by schools or agencies working with schools
  • Assessment is ongoing and school-based


Sample transition units


Take a look at some of the sample transition units.

Transition Unit Leaflet


Read how schools develop transition units.

Info Article


Info@ncca article September 2008.


How can schools develop transition units?

In developing transition units, schools may create some completely new units or they may decide to adapt some of the modules they already offer as part of their TY programme. They might also choose to use or adapt a transition unit that has been developed by another school or by an organisation.

We have developed a template to help teachers write up their units and a handbook to guide them through the process of writing up their TU.