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Junior Certificate

The Junior Certificate has been in existence since 1989. In 2014, the new Junior Cycle was introduced into Irish schools. Over the coming years students will experience newly developed subjects and short courses and will find that their learning has a significant focus on key skills and wellbeing. The new curriculums and associated assessment specifications for subjects (formerly referred to as syllabuses) are being introduced on a phased basis as outlined in the chart below.

Subjects Other Areas Introducted to 1st Year Students in: First recorded on JCPA in:
Phase 1: English   September 2014 Autumn 2017
Phase 2: Science and Business Studies   September 2016 Autumn 2019
Phase 3: Irish, Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian) and Art, Craft & Design Wellbeing September 2017 Autumn 2020
Phase 4: Mathematics, Home Economics, History, Music and Geography   September 2018 Autumn 2021
Phase 5: Technology Subjects (Materials Technology/Wood, Technical Graphics, Metalwork, Technology), Religious Education, Jewish Studies and Classics   September 2019 Autumn 2022


Phased Subjects Table