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The study of Engineering offers students a lens to view the role and impact of engineering within their classroom, community and the world. Through the study of engineering, students will have the opportunity to behave as engineers and develop an engineering mind-set. Throughout the three years, students will develop and use a variety of skills including safe work habits, project management, organisation, problem-solving and engineering techniques.

Students will develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject knowledge to investigate and solve real-life problems primarily through a task orientated environment.

For students who begin first year before September 2019 the Junior Certificate Metalwork syllabus will apply.

This syllabus can be viewed here: 

For students who begin first year in or after September 2019, the Junior Cycle Engineering specification applies. To support the specification, Assessment Guidelines and Examples of Student Work will be provided. These will be made available on

The Junior Cycle Engineering specification will be introduced into schools in September 2019. The development of the specification began in September 2017. 

The background paper and consultation report for Junior Cycle Technology subjects explores the development of the Technology subject at Junior Cycle; highlights good practice at home and abroad, and uses evidence-based research to inform the revision of the specification.



For students entering first year before September 2019, the Junior Certificate Metalwork syllabus will apply. Download the fact sheets for Junior Certificate Metalwork here: