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Junior Cycle Geography focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours that allow students to explore their world. This can be achieved through the three interconnected strands: Exploring the physical world, Exploring how we interact with the physical world, Exploring people, place, and change.

Geography aims to stimulate curiosity, creating opportunities for students to read, analyse, synthesise and communicate about their immediate environment and wider world. It develops knowledge and skills to enable students to engage with the world around them. Geography promotes critical thinking and supports students in making informed decisions, developing their ability to make valuable contributions to the economic, social, and cultural life of their communities, localities and countries.

For students entering first year before September 2018 the Junior Certificate Geography syllabus applies.

For students entering first year in or after September 2018 the Junior Cycle Geography specification applies. Both can be viewed here.

The new Junior Cycle Geography specification will be introduced into schools in September 2018. The development of the specification began in May 2016.

The background paper for Junior Cycle Geography explores the development of the subject at junior cycle; highlights good practice at home and abroad; and to uses evidence-based research to inform the revision of the specification.

The Geography Development Group consists of the nominees from a range of education stakeholders including teacher and management bodies, Department of Education and Skills, and the State Examinations Commission.

A draft Junior Cycle Geography specification was developed from May 2016 - March 2017. The draft specification is available here.

For students entering first year before September 2018 the Junior Certificate Geography syllabus applies. Download our Facts Sheet for Junior Certificate Geography here.