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Play in the Early Years of Primary

This section suggests materials and resources that will support playful learning experiences in your classroom.

Additional support materials are available here on curriculum online. 

1.JPG Play in primary schools with a subject based curriculum
1.JPG Appropriate learning experience for children aged 4-8 years
1.JPG Describing progression in play for children aged 4-8 years
Junk art.JPG Planning an appropriate curriculum for 4-8 year olds
Starting with play.JPG Getting started with play resources (1)
Planning for time.JPG Planning for time
Video capture.JPG Interactions during play
Starting with play.JPG A play approach to teaching and learning in your infant classroom
1.JPG Supporting learning and development of children aged 4-8 years: Key messages for parents
Video capture.JPG Key messages for teachers of children aged 4-8 year
1.JPG (1) One teacher’s experience over the years
Constr.JPG Resourcing construction play
Junk art.JPG Resourcing junk art play
aistear_4.jpg Opportunities for outdoor learning experiences