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Supporting Change

The NCCA held five curriculum seminars between March 2018 and January 2019. Attendance was by invitation to the education partners and wider stakeholders while many of the attending teachers, school leaders and early years practitioners were members of the Schools Forum. The seminars gave participants opportunities to consider the key points emerging from the research papers, and to discuss and tease out these points from different perspectives. Each seminar included keynote presentations focusing on important aspects of a primary curriculum. This report identifies seven themes which emerged across the five curriculum seminars. The five seminars were as follows.

  • Seminar 1 - Curriculum Purpose

    The first seminar, ‘Curriculum Purpose’ took place on March 21st 2018 and over one hundred attendees including teachers, principals and other stakeholders in education deliberated about the purpose of a primary curriculum and explored its values and principles.

    Jones.PNG Dr. Jones Irwin
    Dr Thomas Walsh.PNG Dr. Thomas Walsh
    Panel discus.PNG Panel discussion: Reflecting on the learning
  • Seminar 2 - Powerful Synergies

    The second, ‘Powerful Synergies’ took place on May 17th 2018 when over one hundred stakeholders deliberated on powerful pedagogies, expressions of integration and the role of competencies and knowledge in a redeveloped curriculum.


    Wise.PNG Professor Dominic Wyse
    Louis.PNG Professor Louis Volante
    Dr Karen.PNG Dr Karen Bacon
    Carol.PNG Professor Carol McGuinness
  • Seminar 3 - New Horizons

    The third seminar, ‘New Horizons’ took place on October 3rd 2018. It considered how a redeveloped primary curriculum could provide continuity and progression for children’s learning between the two preschool years and the initial years of primary school.

    Dr Ale.PNG Dr. Alejandra Cortazar
    Harold.PNG Dr. Harold Hislop
    Bernie.PNG Bernie McNally
  • Seminar 4 - Enhancing Learning

    The fourth seminar 'Enhancing Learning Journeys' took place on November 29th 2018. The first part of the seminar focused on how children learn and the implications for classroom practice. The second part of the seminar considered parents' perspectives on a redeveloped primary curriculum. Findings were presented from the NCCA's focus group meetings with parents around the country (October 2018).

    Crafting.PNG Professor Emer Ring, Dr Lisha O'Sullivan, Marie Ryan and Patrick Burke
    Parents.PNG Parents' panel discussion
  • Seminar 5 - Charting the Journey Forward

    The fifth and final seminar ‘Charting the Journey Forward’ took place on January 31st 2019 with over 120 stakeholders coming for further deliberation and reflection on what a redeveloped primary curriculum might look like. The first part of the seminar explored the content of a redeveloped primary curriculum. while the second part of the seminar focused on assessment. Attendees explored how a redeveloped curriculum might take account of new thinking in relation to assessment in the primary school.

    Aligning.PNG Professor Michael O'Leary and Dr Zita Lysaght
    International.PNG Sharon O’Donnell