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The NCCA established a Schools Forum consisting of a network of primary schools, special schools, post-primary schools and preschools from across the country. This has now been extended to 60 schools and together, these represent the rich diversity of school contexts in Ireland. In the Forum, teachers, school leaders and preschool practitioners come together to guide and help shape the primary curriculum review and redevelopment. In the words of one teacher nominee, the Schools Forum provides a space to ponder big questions such as what we value in education, what its purpose is, how and what children should be taught, what’s important in our current context and what the future might demand.  

  • The Schools Forum is providing the NCCA with opportunities to:
    • Work with teachers/practitioners and schools/preschools as central agents in curriculum development
    • Augment the research, curriculum seminars, leading out seminars and internal NCCA processes at the 'practice' level
    • Learn from schools/preschools as sites of curriculum development
    • Receive constructive feedback 'soundings' on research
    • Generate commentary and feedback on the primary curriculum review and redevelopment.

  • The Schools Forum is providing schools / preschools with opportunities to:
    • Learn about the processes involved in the primary curriculum review and redevelopment
    • Work collaboratively and share their ideas, experiences and suggestions for future directions for a redeveloped primary curriculum
    • Ground research in practice by offering feedback on The Draft Primary Curriculum Framework
    • Share the work of the Forum at a local level, for example, through Boards of Management, Parents' Associations, and other local networks.