Agricultural Science

A new Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science specification is in development. The current Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science syllabus is available here. It is assessed at Higher and Ordinary levels. 

Subject Development

Following an initial consultation on a Background Paper in Nov-Dec 2014 and a Consultation Report in March 2015, a draft specification for Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science has been developed.

Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science aims to enable learners to:

  • appreciate the natural environment and human interactions with it and the sustainable use of its resources, recognising the need for a rational and balanced approach to the exploitation of these resources in a local and global context
  • recognise the need for, and global importance of, relevant strategies and policies for the agri‐food industry and identify opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of local, regional and world markets
  • develop their scientific knowledge and skills, in the context of agricultural practices, and increase their awareness of health and safety issues associated with these practices.

The consultation report and the background paper can be accessed by following the links below.

The Agricultural Science Development Group consists of the nominees from a range of education stakeholders including teacher and management bodies, Department of Education and Skills, and the State Examinations Commission.

The Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science: Draft Specification is available here.

Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science: Draft Specification for consultation.