Leaving Certificate Art (including Crafts) is studied across four main areas of Art History and Appreciation, Still Life, Imaginative Composition, Design and Craftwork. These are all supported by the underlying use of observational studies, which enables students to build up a range of work and develop their skills and knowledge. A study of art forms of the past and present to inform this work is also important.

The consultation on the draft specification for Leaving Certificate Art is now closed.

You can read the draft specification for Leaving Certificate Art here


A new Leaving Certificate Art specification is in development. The current Leaving Certificate Art (including Crafts) syllabus is available here. It is assessed at Higher and Ordinary levels.

The development of a new Leaving Certificate Art specification began in May 2017.

The background paper focused on the current state of the subject and the recent developments with the new Junior Cycle Visual Art specification, current research and developments in art in general as well as curriculums from other jurisdictions.

The Art Development Group consists of the nominees from a range of education stakeholders including teacher and management bodies, Department of Education and Skills, and the State Examinations Commission.