Analysis and Bulletins

Read the latest NCCA bulletin from cycle two and the ESRI analysis and NCCA bulletin from cycle one.

Forty-one post-primary schools across Ireland embarked on an ambitious project in May 2018, to formulate and share their thinking with the NCCA and the country on the purpose of senior cycle education in Ireland. What follows is a snapshot of the rich tapestry of thoughts and ideas which emerged from teachers, students and parents as they discussed the purpose of senior cycle education in Ireland, explored students’ current experiences and began to suggest future directions senior cycle education might take. We also invite you to read the ESRI’s full report, Senior Cycle Review: Analysis of Discussions with Schools on the Purpose of Senior Cycle Education.
In Cycle 2 of this review, schools explored the pathways available to students and what flexibility the system offers, or needs to offer, to support all students to fulfil their potential. A second bulletin and ESRI working paper was published to gather the feedback from this phase of the review
The third phase of the review, the public consultation on the ideas that emerged from phase one and two, ran from July to November 2019. The feedback from this phase of the review is now available in the Public Consultation Report 2019.