Mo Scéal: Supporting the transition to primary school

Early Childhood

20 May, 2021

Moving to primary school is an important part of every child’s life and there is a lot that we can do to support them and their families with this part of growing up. Mo Scéal reporting templates facilitate the sharing of information on children’s learning and development between preschools, parents/guardians and, with their consent, the relevant primary schools. Mo Scéal means ‘My Story’ and the reporting templates help to tell the story of the child’s interests, strengths and challenges prior to starting junior infants.

The templates are available in English and Irish and there is no requirement to use them. Instead, the templates are a resource which preschools and schools can chose to use, as they collaborate. Transferring Mo Scéal from the preschool to the primary school involves a number of steps and detailed guidance is available. You will also find information on activities, skills and dispositions which can help young children with the move to primary as well as information on building relationships and working with parents. Mo Scéal is included in the Government’s Let's Get Ready Campaign which supports children transitioning into and out of preschool during COVID-19.  

Mo Scéal transition support materials can be found here

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