Research Strategy

Research Strategy

Research Strategy

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) Research Strategy arises from the organisation’s Strategic Plan’s Goal to ‘… generate, use and share knowledge and research to support the development of curriculum advice and practice in all education settings’ (NCCA, 2019, 8). This research strategy articulates the Vision, Principles and Goals that guide NCCA’s research activity and outlines the contexts for and scope of that activity. It will be reviewed following each cycle of the organisation’s Strategic Plan.

Requests for specific information

If you are researching a specific area of work, try searching the publications catalogue.

If you have a request for specific information, please email your request to Make sure that you include as much detail as possible; you are more likely to receive the exact information you need if you ask us specific questions rather than asking about broad areas of work.  We will try to respond within 5 working days, although depending on the nature of the information, and how current the topic is, this may take a bit longer.

Post-graduate researcher

If you are a post-graduate student or a researcher from an academic institute, it may be possible for you to interview a member of staff as part of your study. We will generally try to help, although it will not always be possible, and may take up to four weeks to organise.

If you would like to request an interview, you can do so via Explain your research question and the purpose of the interview.  Please also send an outline of the interview schedule, and a draft of the questions that you will be asking.