Consultation on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework


16 December, 2021

Consultation on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework

Consultations on the redevelopment of the primary curriculum as a whole, don’t happen often. Now is the time for you to share your thoughts on the purpose, structure and content of the redeveloped curriculum. Continuing until the end of February 2022, we look forward to hearing from and engaging directly with school leaders and teachers. During November, many school leaders and teachers attended online focus groups and gave feedback on the proposals in the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework. More focus groups are scheduled to take place online in January and February and we look forward to hearing from many of you at these events. The focus groups are held in the afternoon, usually starting at 3.30 pm and lasting for 1hr and 15mins. You can register your interest to attend here and you will receive notification of details of these events.

You’ll find further details of the consultation at along with links to an online questionnaire, written submission form and consultation workshop materials. These workshop materials are intended as a practical support for schools in thinking about and discussing the proposals. Each workshop includes a short presentation, questions for consideration, links to information videos and a short workshop guide. Schools interested in having a self-organised consultation workshop can view the materials here (see Consultation Workshops for Schools tab). 

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Get involved and have your say – we look forward to hearing from you.