Preparation for Teaching and Learning


20 May, 2021

Preparation for Teaching and Learning

Since the launch of the Primary Language Curriculum, teachers and school leaders have naturally been asking how this change in curriculum impacts classroom planning in their schools. To support teachers and school leaders, guidance has been developed through a collaboration led by the Department of Education and involving schools/teachers, the NCCA, NCSE and PDST.

Preparation for Teaching and Learning - Guidance for All Primary and Special Schools aims to reduce the emphasis on paperwork, by capturing and valuing the broad range of activities teachers engage with before, during and after teaching.

The guidance was launched on 27th April during an information event hosted by the NCCA. The event was attended by over 1,900 teachers and school leaders which provided an opportunity to take a closer look at this guidance and the ways that teachers and school leaders can demonstrate the undocumented aspects of their preparation. A recording of the event and the guidance document itself can be accessed at