Five Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications

Consultation is underway on five Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications. This is an important step in in redeveloping the curriculum for primary schools. Learn more about the five curriculum areas and our work to develop them.

13 March, 2024

Five Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications

Published in March 2023, the Primary Curriculum Framework forms an important basis for the redevelopment of the Primary School Curriculum. It sets out the vision, principles, key competencies, and curriculum structure, all of which support high-quality learning, teaching, and assessment. The Framework includes the following five draft curriculum areas:

·       Arts Education provides opportunities for children to develop and use their imagination and creativity through Art, Drama and Music, helping them to appreciate and make sense of their world. 

·       Modern Foreign Languages forms part of the Primary Language Curriculum / Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile. It supports a plurilingual approach to language learning and promotes children’s awareness of and engagement with language, communication and culture. 

·       Science, Technology and Engineering Education engages children in playful problem-solving that is relevant to their lives and world. Alongside the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum, this will form the curriculum of STEM Education.

·       Social and Environmental Education supports children's awareness of and engagement with History and Geography. Children develop knowledge, skills, dispositions and values to support active citizenship.

·       Wellbeing encompasses Physical Education (PE); and Social, Personal, and Health Education (SPHE). Children explore and nurture their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. 


The drafting of these specifications has been supported by an extensive development process, that has included: 

·       collaborating with Development Groups  

·       drawing on research (e.g. The Children's School Lives Study and Integration, Pedagogy and Assessment Research)

·       listening to children’s voices (e.g. Consultation with Children and BEACONS)

·       working with the Schools Forum

·       engaging with stakeholders through Re-imagining the Curriculum and Leading Out seminars

·       collaborating with an advisory panel.

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