Senior Cycle Redevelopment – Tranche One Subjects

In setting out plans for the redevelopment of senior cycle, the Minister for Education asked NCCA to prepare a schedule of senior cycle subjects to be reviewed and redeveloped in a series of tranches.

13 March, 2024

Senior Cycle Redevelopment – Tranche One Subjects

In Tranche 1 of the subject reviews, seven existing Leaving Certificate subjects have been redeveloped and two new subjects have been designed.

Consultation on Ancient Greek, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Latin, and Physics is now complete. The Development Groups for each of these subjects will reconvene in March 2024 to consider the feedback from the  consultations and to finalise the subject specifications. Climate Action and Sustainable Development, and Drama, Film and Theatre Studies, which are new Senior Cycle subjects, and a new draft specification for Business, are open for consultation until 5th April 2024.


All nine subject specifications will be introduced in schools in September 2025.


Information on the specifications and the consultation can be found here.