Senior Cycle Redevelopment - Tranche Two Subjects

The second tranche of Leaving Certificate subjects to be updated as part of the redevelopment of Senior Cycle includes seven subjects. These will be introduced to schools in September 2026.

13 March, 2024

Senior Cycle Redevelopment - Tranche Two Subjects

The subjects scheduled for redevelopment as part of the second phase of subject reviews are known as Tranche 2. They are as follows:

o   Accounting

o   Construction Studies

o   Engineering

o   English

o   Geography

o   LCVP Link Modules 

o   Physical Education (PE).

New specifications for these subjects will be developed and introduced to the senior cycle curriculum in schools in September 2026. 

The first phase of developing these specifications involves preparing a Background Paper and Brief. This paper includes 

o   insights into the current context for the subject or programme 

o   an overview of recent and relevant policy developments 

o   an outline of the current curriculum 

o   an overview of similar subjects or curriculum  areas in other countries.

Preparation of these Background Papers and Briefs also includes visiting a representative sample of schools to gather insights into school, teacher and student experiences of the subjects.


Each Background Paper concludes by identifying areas for consideration. These areas are then used by NCCA’s Development Groups whose members work together, over a series of meetings, to develop a draft specification. This draft will be published online for consultation. 


The development group for each of the Tranche 2 subjects has been formed and the groups met for the first time on February 27, 2024.


You can keep up to date on the work of these development groups via this section of our website and you can view the memberships of the groups here.