Phase 2 Consultation Reports on Updating Aistear

Consultation on the draft proposals for an updated Aistear took place between September and December 2023. Two consultation reports have now been published, sharing what babies, toddlers, young children, parents, early childhood educators and other stakeholders had to say on the draft proposals.

24 May, 2024

Phase 2 Consultation Reports on Updating Aistear

The findings from the consultation on the draft proposals for an updated Aistear are presented in two reports. The first of these is authored by NCCA and presents findings from data gathered through online questionnaires, written submissions and focus groups. The proposals received a positive response. In particular, consultation participants welcomed the emphasis on the rights and agency of babies, toddlers and young children, on relational pedagogy and on sustainability. Feedback was also very positive about the use of Irish words and phrases throughout the draft updated Aistear. You can read the first report here 


The second consultation report presents findings gathered from babies, toddlers and young children. This consultation was carried out by a team from Maynooth University, Early Childhood Ireland and Stranmillis University College. Findings show the importance of relationships and interactions, and of play and hands-on experiences for babies, toddlers and young children. You can read the second report here 


The two reports show strong agreement with the rights-based approach in the updated framework, and confirm the importance of all babies, toddlers and young children enjoying and benefiting from high quality experiences. The findings also give clear messages about the importance of embedding the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion in Aistear 


NCCA is using the consultation findings to help finalise the updates to Aistear. Subject to the Minister’s approval, the framework will be published later this year.