Third UL Research Report

A new report arising from the UL Research Study has now been published. This explores the introduction of Framework for Junior Cycle.

24 May, 2024

Third UL Research Report

The third interim report from the research study Exploring the introduction of the Framework for Junior Cycle: A longitudinal study has been published.


This interim report is the third of a series of reports from this longitudinal study exploring the implementation, enactment, and impact of the Framework for Junior Cycle (FJC) in post-primary schools in Ireland. The report presents findings from the second phase of school principal interviews, drawing from interviews conducted in a representative sample of schools and the data from the teacher survey across the sample of 100 schools.  


The four-year longitudinal research, initiated in late 2020 and based on a nationally representative sample of schools, is an exciting study capturing the views and experiences of teachers, principals, students, parents and wider educational stakeholders on the Framework for Junior Cycle 2015. The study is being carried out by an experienced research team in the University of Limerick on behalf of the NCCA, and draws on significant expertise, nationally and internationally, in longitudinal research.  


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