Science is a collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to understand the world around us and the wider universe. Junior Cycle Science focuses on learning of the key concepts of science, and simultaneously learning how to work like a scientist.

Science aims to develop students’ evidence-based understanding of the natural world and their ability to gather and evaluate evidence: to consolidate and deepen their skills of working scientifically; to make them more self-aware as learners and become competent and confident in their ability to use and apply science in their everyday lives. Junior Cycle Science specification, Assessment Guidelines and Samples of Work are available here.

In line with the Framework for Junior Cycle (2015), new subject specifications for Junior Cycle Science and Business Studies were introduced in schools in September 2016 as part of Phase 2 of the introduction of new subject specifications. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) conducted an early insights review between October and December 2019 to gather feedback to evaluate and explore:

  • how well the specifications get to the heart of the learning aspired to within each subject and more broadly within the Framework for Junior Cycle
  • the assessment elements within each subject, as experienced by students and teachers
  • how teachers are exercising their professional judgement to mediate the new specification in their schools and classrooms. 

Report on the Early Enactment of JC Science and Business Studies

The Junior Cycle Science specification was introduced into schools in September 2017. The development of the specification began in November 2013.

The background paper, independent evaluation, and consultation report for Junior Cycle Science explores the development of the subject at junior cycle; highlights good practice at home and abroad; and to uses evidence-based research to inform the revision of the specification.

The Science Development Group consists of the nominees from a range of education  stakeholders including teacher and management bodies, Department of Education and Skills, and the State Examinations Commission. Reports of development group meetings can be accessed here.

A draft Junior Cycle Science specification was developed from November 2013 - March 2015. The draft specification and consultation report is available here.

 Junior Cycle Science sample questions can be found here.

Junior Cycle Science Sample Questions

Watch the Journey of Junior Cycle Science specification here.