Consultation 2024

As part of the upcoming consultation on the redeveloped primary curriculum, NCCA is holding a number of in-person and online focus groups.

As part of the redevelopment of the Primary School Curriculum, NCCA will be consulting on the Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications in Arts Education; Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in the Primary Language Curriculum; Social and Environmental Education (SEE); Science, Technology and Engineering Education (STE); and Wellbeing from March 6th to June 7th 2024. The Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications will be published in early March for consultation. The consultation will include a number of components, including written submissions, questionnaires, focus group events and participation in schools networks.

As part of the consultation, NCCA is hosting a number of in-person and online focus groups for teachers and school leaders. 

In-person focus groups

NCCA will host in-person focus groups at the following locations.

Athlone Education Centre March 13th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Cavan (Cavan Crystal Hotel) March 19th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Dublin West Education Centre March 20th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Waterford Teachers’ Centre March 21st, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Sligo Education Centre April 9th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Cork Education Centre April 10th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Galway Education Centre (through Irish) April 16th, 3.45-5.15pm


During the in-person focus group, you will be asked to share your views on the draft primary curriculum specifications. To sign up for an in-person focus group please submit your details using this form:

In-person focus group registration form


Online focus groups

NCCA will also facilitate online focus group meetings specific to each draft curriculum specification.

Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Language Curriculum April 17th, 7pm-8pm 
Arts Education (Art, Music, Drama) April 18th, 7pm-8pm
Wellbeing (PE and SPHE) April 23rd, 7pm-8pm
Social and Environmental Education (History and Geography) April 24th, 7pm-8pm
Science, Technology and Engineering Education April 25th, 7pm-8pm


During the online focus group you select to attend, you will be asked to share your views on the draft primary curriculum specification being considered. To sign up for an online focus group please submit your details using this form:


Online focus group registration form

NCCA is inviting expressions of interest from primary schools and special schools, to participate in the schools networks component of the consultation process by indicating, in order of preference, a curriculum area that a school would like to engage with during the consultation. As we may not be in a position to work with all schools who express an interest, we will select a representative sample of schools.
Once a school is selected for a network, NCCA will work with the school on one curriculum area. Schools who are interested in joining the Schools Networks from March to June 2024 can expect to have NCCA staff visit their school, to participate in online focus groups, and to attend two in-person meetings with the other schools in the networks during the consultation.

We greatly appreciate the value and importance of working directly with schools to benefit from the experience and expertise of teachers and school leaders. The feedback gained from the school-based consultation, combined with other consultation components, will inform the finalisation of the primary curriculum specifications.

The expression of interest form is now closed. Thank you to all schools that have submitted an application, we will be in touch soon.

Consultation is now open on five draft curriculum specifications. You can access the specifications at the following links:

Draft Arts Education Curriculum Specification

Draft Primary Language Curriculum including Modern Foreign Languages

Draft Social and Environmental Education Curriculum Specification

Draft Science, Technology and Engineering Education Curriculum Specification

Draft Wellbeing Curriculum Specification