Report Card Templates/Creator

The section provides support for schools and parents on reporting in primary schools. It also provides a link to the online Report Card Creator tool, as well editable templates for schools to use.

The following templates (1-12) can be used for reporting from junior infants to the mid-term in fifth class.

*Templates 10, 11 and 12 may be especially useful for children who are currently working with support plans in primary school.

These templates are editable using (which is free to use) 

From 2014/2015, schools have been required to use the end-of-year 6th Class Report Card. The report card was developed to support the dual purpose of reporting to parents and transferring pupil information to post-primary schools.

The report card is part of the Education Passport materials developed to support schools in sharing information about children's learning with the relevant post-primary schools.

The Report Card Creator supports your school in creating your own report card in seven simple steps.


School stories

Find out how schools used the Report Card Creator and the report card templates

Sample report cards

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Below are a few examples of report cards across a range of school types: