Post-Primary Special Educational Needs

As part of the broader reform of senior cycle it is envisaged that the work of the Post-Primary Special Educational Needs development group will being in September 2022. The development group will play a key role in developing modules for students in senior cycle who follow a Level 1 or Level 2 Learning Programme at junior cycle. This group will include nominees of the education partners, the Department of Education and other key education agencies.

NCCA established a Post-primary Special Education Development Group to undertake, in the first instance, the task of developing a series of modules for students in senior cycle who follow a Level 1/Level 2 Learning Programme at junior cycle. The group will also provide support for curriculum review and development related to Junior Cycle Level 1/Level 2 Learning Programmes. The work of the Development Group is, in general terms, agreed by the NCCA Board for Senior Cycle and by the Council.

The modules will be developed to support the realisation of the purpose and vision for a redeveloped senior cycle as set out the Senior Cycle Review: Advisory Report (NCCA, 2022). The guiding principles, as described in the Advisory Report, provide a touchstone for the Development Group as they undertake the task of preparing this series of modules at senior cycle.

The modules will be student-centred and age-, peer- and learning needs appropriate and contribute to students’ intellectual, social and personal growth and maturity. The level of the National Framework of Qualifications to which the modules would be aligned might vary as appropriate.

The design of the modules will be informed by research conducted by NCCA on the nature and design of curriculum specifications for the senior cycle stage of education. The development group will advise on the most appropriate time allocation for the modules The modules will be completed for Autumn 2024.

Development Group Meetings