Preparation for Teaching and Learning


13 October, 2021

Preparation for Teaching and Learning

Last April saw the launch of Preparation for Teaching and Learning – Guidance for All Primary Schools and Special Schools. This guidance:

  • aims to reduce the focus on paperwork
  • recognises the invisible aspects of preparation
  • clarifies how teachers demonstrate their preparation
  • signposts supports that are available.

Since the launch of the guidance, teachers and school leaders have requested support in how to apply these new guidelines to their practice. In response, NCCA, PDST, NCSE and the Inspectorate have produced a number of short scenarios. 

The scenarios provide practical examples of what preparation for teaching and learning might look like in a range of school settings and contexts. They emphasize preparation that is useful, flexible and concise. The first of these supports are available on, with further scenarios being added in the weeks ahead.