Next steps towards a redeveloped Primary Curriculum


11 March, 2022

Next steps towards a redeveloped Primary Curriculum

Consultation on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework closed on February 28th and we would like to thank everyone who engaged with this process and gave feedback on the proposals. Your voice is critical in shaping the primary curriculum for the next generation of children.

NCCA hosted a closing event in Croke Park on March 1st to mark the end of the consultation. This event, attended by the Minister for Education, heard from a number of voices across the consultation, including school leaders, teachers, parents, children and other stakeholders. Attendees also had an opportunity to share with each other their experiences of the consultation and their perspectives on the proposals. During the event, NCCA outlined the next steps towards a redeveloped Primary School Curriculum.

In the coming months, we will be analysing the feedback from Phases 1 and 2 of the consultation and sharing the findings in a consultation report. These findings will be used to inform the finalisation of the Primary Curriculum Framework. Once published in early 2023, this framework will guide the development of the specifications for each of the curriculum areas. While detailed planning on resources, structures and processes is yet to take place, NCCA envisages the completion of all curriculum area specifications in early 2025.  A timeline for schools’ work in enacting the redeveloped curriculum is a matter for the Minister and will be set out by the Department of Education.  

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