End-of-year reporting updates

NCCA has recently engaged with teachers and organisations to enhance the suite of reporting materials and supports provided for schools’ use during the end-of-year reporting season. These include three new end-of-year reporting templates for children from junior infants to fifth class, and a new video resource for parents.

19 May, 2022

Schools can now avail of three new end-of-year reporting templates for use when reporting on children’s learning from junior infants to fifth class. While these templates can be used by any teacher, they were developed with a particular group of children and their teachers in mind - children in primary and special schools whose learning is helped through support plans.

The new templates provide an opportunity to report on various identified learning needs, goals or targets set across the year and, importantly, they emphasise the celebration of every child’s learning and afford teachers the opportunity to highlight key successes in the child’s progress over the year. These new templates can be found here.

End-of-year reports contain rich information about a child’s learning over the year and teachers and school leaders go to great lengths to present this in a fair and comprehensive way. To support parents to engage meaningfully with the end-of-year report, NCCA has also developed a new video resource that could be useful to share with parents as a complement to the end-of-year report. This video highlights the importance of attending to the full report rather than focusing on standardised test results which, feedback from teachers and school leaders suggests, can sometimes distract from the child’s general progress over the year. This video can be found here.

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