The DNA of learning and teaching!

NCCA has just published two groundbreaking research reports that delve into the fascinating connections between Integration, Pedagogy and Assessment , all in the name of enhancing the primary curriculum. The reports, authored by Dr Patrick Burke and Dr Paula Lehane, Dublin City University, provide progressive contemporary thinking for curriculum and classrooms.

23 October, 2023

The DNA of learning and teaching!

Integration, Pedagogy and Assessment  are at the heart of high-quality learning and teaching. These three inter-related concepts are the essential building blocks of effective teaching and learning in our classrooms and schools. If you're curious about how to put pedagogy and assessment into action within an integrated curriculum, then you'll want to explore these reports.

The research was commissioned by NCCA and authored by Dr Patrick Burke and Dr Paula Lehane, Dublin City University, to further extend our understanding of the central role that Integration, Pedagogy and Assessment takes in supporting children’s enjoyment and engagement in learning. While there is a wealth of national and international research on each individual area, there has been limited research that delves into their intrinsic relationship and how they work together to support children's learning. Not only do the reports deal with this relationship but they also explore other factors which can influence children’s learning and development, such as school culture. Special attention is also given to the implications for child agency and teacher agency in considering approaches to IPA.

Both reports will have a significant impact not only for the work of NCCA in redeveloping the curriculum, but also on the broader education system, enriching our collective understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by IPA. NCCA will host an online webinar on the research on 25 October at 4:00pm. Register here.