Primary Focus Groups

As part of the consultation, NCCA is hosting a number of in-person and online focus groups for teachers and school leaders.

20 February, 2024

Primary Focus Groups

Consultation on Draft Primary Curriculum Specifications in Arts Education; Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in the Primary Language Curriculum; Social and Environmental Education (SEE); Science, Technology and Engineering Education (STE); and Wellbeing will take place from March 6th to June 7th 2024. 

NCCA will host in-person focus groups at the following locations:

Athlone Education Centre March 13th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Cavan (Cavan Crystal Hotel) March 19th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Dublin West Education Centre March 20th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Waterford Teachers’ Centre March 21st, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Sligo Education Centre April 9th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Cork Education Centre April 10th, 3.45pm-5.15pm
Galway Education Centre (through Irish) April 16th, 3.45-5.15pm


NCCA will also facilitate online focus group meetings specific to each draft curriculum specification on the following dates:

Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Language Curriculum April 17th, 7pm 
Arts Education (Art, Music, Drama) April 18th, 7pm 
Wellbeing (PE and SPHE) April 23rd, 7pm 
Social and Environmental Education (History and Geography) April 24th, 7pm 
Science, Technology and Engineering Education April 25th, 7pm


For more information and how to register for these events, please visit our consultation page.