Guidelines for Care and Detention Schools

New guidelines for supporting teaching and learning in care and detention schools are now available. The NCCA worked closely with teachers, children/students, school leaders in Irish settings and wider stakeholders in developing these guidelines.

01 March, 2023

The Guidelines for supporting teaching and learning in care and detention schools acknowledge the challenges and complexities involved in responding to the educational needs of students in care and in detention schools. Their purpose is to  

  • assist staff to develop flexible pathways, using the appropriate primary, junior cycle, or senior cycle curriculum framework, that support learning, teaching, assessment and reporting in the context of each individual school’s setting 
  • support students’ meaningful access and engagement with the appropriate curriculum framework through the development of high-quality educational programmes that value and celebrate every student’s individuality in a positive, inclusive and caring environment  
  • facilitate the establishment of transition pathways for students to return to their previous school or to a new school; to progress to other education and training opportunities; to enter employment; and to prepare them for lifelong learning.  

These guidelines contain links to appropriate policy, sites and resources. 

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