Traveller Culture and History Research Paper

A research report to advance our understanding of Traveller culture and history, in support of learning and teaching across the curriculum, is now available. In order to give a central voice to Travellers in developing the research report, an Expert Group comprising Travellers and Traveller representatives was established and reviewed and offered feedback on each chapter within the report.

01 March, 2023

Traveller Culture and History Research Paper

The Traveller culture and history research report was developed to provide an overview of what is currently known, understood and has been recorded regarding various aspects of Traveller culture and history. It does not set out to cover every aspect of Traveller culture and history.

The research report provides a brief overview of the Traveller population in Ireland, outlines the impact of racism on the community and discusses the history of Travellers. It examines aspects of Traveller culture, such as nomadism, economic activities, marriage patterns, family structure and religious practices. It also details some of the contributions that Travellers have made and continue to make to Irish society through art, music and sport. In addition, the research report explores the language of Irish Travellers and its usage in Ireland today. Finally, it looks at Travellers in Ireland today and includes details of their achievements and other positive developments for the community.

The research report will be used by NCCA to:

  • Inform the review and updating of existing curricula and the development of new curriculum specifications for early childhood, primary and post-primary education
  • inform the development of resources and materials for teachers/practitioners
  • inform our thinking around intercultural approaches to education more broadly.

This research report contains links to appropriate policy, sites and resources.