Early Enactment Review of Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2

NCCA recently published the report, Early Enactment Review of Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2. The early enactment review drew attention to the strengths and challenges of enacting the T1 and T2 specifications.

24 May, 2023

Early Enactment Review of Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2

NCCA recently published a report on the early enactment review of Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2. This review was conducted by SEALBHÚ (DCU) on behalf of the Council. The report was accompanied by a note detailing immediate next steps for Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2. 

The report identifies strengths and challenges of the T1 and T2 specifications. In response to what teachers and students highlighted in the review, NCCA is making immediate changes that include: 

  •  a reduction in the minimum volume of literature to be engaged with across the three years of junior cycle
  •  CBA 1: the Language Portfolio will now take place in second year
  •  CBA 2 will be reimagined with greater emphasis on oral interaction.

 See more detail of these changes in Circular 0015/2023.

 NCCA has also committed to undertaking a follow-up review of Junior Cycle Irish T1 and T2 commencing in September 2023. This follow-up review will give particular attention to pedagogies used by teachers; the development and assessment of oral skills; approaches to the inclusion of all students learning Irish; and an evaluation of the changes enacted in 2023. 

 NCCA will also conduct a full review and revision of the content of the Junior Cycle Irish text lists in the school year 2023-24. Teacher voice and input is a crucial component of curriculum change and as such teachers are invited to submit expressions of interest to participate in text list working groups. More information can be found on our website.